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WeeFine WED-7 Pro Underwater Monitor


The WED-7 Pro is a professional HD Underwater Monitor

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The WED-7 Pro is a professional HD Underwater Monitor

The product is made of aluminium alloy, with carbon-fibre trim panels and delicate stainless-steel chrome-plated buttons. It is High-end and professional product. The underwater monitor uses a full HD FHD display, plays for 4K HDMI input and output, and is configured with a variety of auxiliary tools, so that the photographer is more freely and with ease in shooting.

Professional auxiliary shooting function: The product has a variety of professional shooting functions, such as: brightness histogram, audio column, auxiliary focus, false colour, exposure prompt, monochrome display, nine grid, square, etc., all can better help the photographer effectively monitor and control the picture to the process of shooting and creating works.

Long back-up life: The product is powered by two 18650 lithium batteries, the longest working time can be up to 3.5 hours, and the product has a battery indicator light, so that the photographer can observe the battery power at any time.

4K signal transmission: The product supports 4K HDMI input and output, and high-definition pictures of the camera can be displayed on the monitor in real time through 4K signal transmission of HDMI.

7-inch FHD: The product features a 7-inch full HD screen with 1920×1200 resolution and 440PPI pixel density, as well as 500CD /m² high brightness and 1200:1 high contrast.

Ultra-wide viewing Angle: The choice of IPS display has an ultra-wide viewing Angle of 160°, which allows the photographer to easily get a clear picture when adjusting the position.

True colour: The product uses the trustworthy Rec.709 high-definition colour standard in the professional field, and accurately restore the colour without distortion or colour bias, it shows the real image.

Hood: The product design has a professional hood, so that the photographer can get the ideal viewing effect when using in the outdoor bright light.

Excellent deep waterproofing effect: UP to 80m/263ft IP68 waterproofing grade: professional waterproofing design, full process technology and quality control, as well as real simulation of various deep-water conditions of pressure testing.

What’s In The Box

  • Monitor (Ball mount included)
  • Manual and warrenty card
  • Battery charger
  • 2x 18650 battery
  • HDMI cable


  • Monitor: 7″
  • Resolution: 1920*1200 pixels
  • Brightness: 500 cd/m²
  • Viewing angle: 160°
  • HDMI IN/Out
  • Battery: 2×18650 (3400mAh)
  • Working time: around 3.5 hours
  • Depth Rating: 80m / 263ft
  • Dimensions: 198mm x 132mm x 39mm
  • Weight in Air: 1.23kg
  • Weight in Water: 0.28kg