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Weefine Smart Housing Version 2 for Smartphone (iPhone/Android)


The Weefine Smart Housing is universal smart phone housing compatible with many smart phones on the market today, regardless of iOS or Android operating system.

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Weefine Smart Housing

WFH06 Smart Housing is an universal smart phone housing which is compatible with most of smart phones on the market today, regardless of iOS or Android operating system. Simply ensure blue tooth is turned on in your device, connect to the smart housing APP and put the phone into the housing! Easily confirm the housing is protected by using the vacuum sealing system. Enjoy diving!

In other words ,Weefine Diving Supplies WFH06 is a waterproof phone casing of diving equipment that is suitable for most smart phone as long as your phone is not bigger than the internal dimension 165mm (Length) x 85mm(Width)x9.5mm(Height)(max),it will work.

Compatible with almost all Apple iPhone and Android Smartphones with maximum size of 167 x 78 x 9.5mm. All phones within this size fit in this underwater housing! Size of the lens window is 62mm x 69mm.

Ergonomic Lock system:
The lock system is simple and comfortable. Just simply rotate the knob to unlock or lock the case. It is convenient and safe.

Vacuum system:
Vacuum system let you clearly know if the housing is sealed before diving.

Vacuum indicator:
It enables you to detect whether the housing is sealed or not before diving. Functions on 2 AAA batteries.

Maximum Depth:
80 meter