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Weefine HD Underwater 5″ LCD Monitor WED-5


Weefine HD Underwater 5″ LCD Monitor WED-5

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Weefine HD Underwater 5″ LCD Monitor WED-5

The Weefine Wed-5 monitor is a 5 hdmi IPS portable monitor with a resolution of 1920x1200px (HD) and a brightness of 446cd/m2.
It can be used with mirrorless cameras or cameras capable of outputting the image in real time.

Accessory perfect for lovers of underwater photography or video who want to go one step further in their filming.
Its 5 will help you always have a more comfortable and real image of what you are photographing or recording, thus helping you to improve your final results.
Touch screen monitor with pre-loaded user functions to facilitate its use at all times.
Made of carbon fiber, it is an absolute winner in the weight classification among underwater monitors, weighing 840g on land and 260g in water.

There is no additional sealing like most waterproof monitor housings.
It can be mounted on both sides of the monitor to achieve the best configuration for the user thanks to its two adjustment plates.
Ball end, visor made of rubber to achieve the best fit and comfort of use.
You can view the image both on the monitor and on the camera while you are recording.
With two 3400mAh lithium batteries you will have up to 3.5 hours of use of this monitor.
The HDMI Micro monitor cable comes with an M24 termination that can be unscrewed from the terminal to put on the M16 termination.


– 5″ screen
– 480cd/m2 brightness
– Backlit Led screen
– 85º field of vision
– 1920 x 1200px resolution
– Works with two 3400mAh 18650 batteries
– HDMI input and output connection
– Up to 3.5 hours of use
– Submersible up to 80m
– Measurements: 198 x 132 x 39mm
– Weight land: 840gr
– Water weight: 260gr

The Box includes:

– WED-5 Pro monitor
– HDMI Micro to M16
– cable adapter
– HDMI Micro to M24 cable adapter
– 2 x 18650 batteries
– Lithium battery charger
– Universal adapter
– Manual of user