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Nauticam 090x150mm carbon fibre float arm

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Nauticam 090x150mm carbon fibre float arm

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This item will ship in 5-15 Business Days

Nauticam Carbon Fiber Float Arm (90mm X 150 mm) Old Version

Nauticam’s new release of carbon fiber float arms brings innovation and control to underwater photography! A heavy camera system is something that every underwater photographer dreads. They can be cumbersome, tiresome, and difficult to maneuver. Average foam floats work make these systems more buoyant underwater, but they are bulky and compress starting at 100 feet. Nauticam’s carbon fiber float arms solve all of these problems! They enable camera systems to range from slightly negatively buoyant to slightly positively buoyant with a streamlined design. Moreover, carbon fiber float arms double as high quality arms….something every serious underwater photographer needs.


  • Does not compress to 330 feet
  • Five times as strong as steel – weights two-thirds less
  • Provides 50% more buoyancy than competing aluminum float arms
  • Each arm has an aluminum spine for sturdy design
  • O-ring seals ensure watertight integrity

Net Buouancy:      357g

Travel Weight:      240g